How to purchase a comfortable bar chair

26 May , 2021

When you choose a bar chair, in addition to high quality, it also requires a comfortable sitting. The cushion is extremely important. It can maintain elasticity and is not easy to deform, and because the influence of muscles on supporting the body is extremely important, a good cushion is naturally Give the body proper support, which can reduce fatigue. Therefore, when choosing a comfortable bar chair, you must match it with a comfortable cushion.

When purchasing bar chairs, if the bar chair is highly compatible, the chance of being selected will be greater. For example, the chair can be adjusted differently in accordance with the user’s body movement, because the user cannot have only one sitting posture. If it is restricted to death, this chair is useless. The seat must conform to the three-degree curved surface of the human body curve.

The curved seat can increase the contact area between the bottom of the thighs and the hips and the seat, so that the pressure is evenly distributed, so that it will not concentrate on a certain point. At the same time, because of the slight tilt, it also has the effect of stabilizing the pelvis and avoiding sliding forward when sitting. In addition, it is rounded The seat design can also reduce friction and contact on the inner side of the knee joint, which is of great benefit to health.

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