Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2021

18 Sep , 2021

Mid-Autumn Festival

The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month is the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is the day of reunion. We usually spend this day with our family. Defaico Furniture wish you all the best on this changed day

Custom activities of the Mid-Autumn Festival

1. Sacrifice to the month. The moon festival was originally carried out on the autumnal equinox, but since the 24 solar terms in our country are solar calendars, not monthly calendars, although the autumnal equinox is around the Mid-Autumn Festival, there is not a full moon on every autumnal equinox. Later, people follow the laws of the moon. , Adjusted the celebration of the moon from the “autumn equinox” to the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, which is the night of the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Now all parts of our country and some ethnic groups have the custom of offering sacrifices to the moon.

2. Enjoy the moon and eat moon cakes. Because the moon is round and bright on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is a good time to enjoy the moon in the autumn night when the whole family is reunited. After the offering to the moon, it’s perfect to admire the moon. The whole family sits together, puts on a variety of harvested fruits and various moon cakes, and enjoys it slowly while talking about reunion. At the same time, the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans, and people can also enjoy the sweet-scented osmanthus and drink osmanthus wine in the courtyard.

3. Watch the tide. The generation of the earth’s tides is related to the moon. The ancients in our country have long noticed this relationship. It has been mentioned in the “Shan Hai Jing” that the Eastern Han Dynasty Wang Chong pointed out in the “Lun Heng”: “The rise of the waves rises and falls with the moon.” Newton’s universal gravitation proves that the tidal phenomenon is the sun and the moon, which are mainly caused by the gravitational force between the moon and the earth. Before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival, the tides are magnificent due to the superposition of gravity between the moon, the sun and the earth. Therefore, since ancient times, there has been a custom of watching tides in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, especially the Qiantang River watching tide is still popular today.

4. Play with lights and guess the word puzzles. On the moon night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, people will hang up all kinds of lanterns and lanterns as festive decorations. At the same time, people can also write various anagrams and riddles on the lanterns and try to guess the anagrams. This is not only a time to show their talents, but also young men and women can strengthen communication.

Not only my country, but also other countries in Asia will celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Korean Peninsula calls Mid-Autumn Festival “Autumn Festival”, and people return to their hometowns to reunite, give each other gifts, pay homage to their ancestors, and sweep graves. Among them, South Korea refers to Mid-Autumn Festival as “Korean Thanksgiving Day”; Japan refers to Mid-Autumn Festival as “Fifteen Nights”, to eat “Moonmi Dumplings”, which presents various harvested crops; Malaysians and Chinese in the Philippines will also enjoy moon watching and lion dances. , Eat moon cakes.

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