Genuine Leather And PU Leather

22 Oct , 2021

The difference between genuine leather and PU leather is mainly in the material source, processing process, classification and other aspects.

1. Different Material Sources

The Genuine Leather is derived from the original skin of the animal itself. PU Leather is a product with some characteristics of natural leather produced by different processing techniques through different resin raw materials, animal waste and various processing aids.

2. The Processing Process is Different

Genuine leather is made of animal skin. Conceptually, it is a customary name for natural leather to distinguish synthetic leather from artificial leather made of chemical fiber materials. PU Leather is an animal skin that has been denatured and is not perishable, which is obtained through physical and chemical processing such as dehairing and tanning. The leather is composed of natural protein fibers tightly woven in three-dimensional space. There is a special grain layer on the surface, which has natural grain and luster, and feels comfortable.

3. Different Classification

The Genuine leather mentioned in the market is generally one of the three layers: the first layer of leather, the second layer of leather, and the synthetic leather. The prices of the three types of skins decrease in order. PU Leather can be divided into recycled leather, artificial leather, and synthetic leather according to the manufacturing method.

Finally, the prices of the two are different: the price of Genuine leather is higher than that of PU leather. Therefore, when we are shopping, we have to keep our eyes open and distinguish between genuine leather and PU leather.

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