Defaico Wish You a Happy Halloween

01 Nov , 2021

Halloween is the abbreviation of “All Hallow’s Eve”, or “Halloween’s Night” for short. The day before Halloween (All Hallow’s Day), that is, October 31 each year, is a traditional festival in the Western world, and celebrations usually take place at night. It is mainly popular in Western countries such as the United States, the British Isles, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand where people of Saxon descent gather. The children will put on makeup and masks and collect candies from door to door that night.

On the eve of Halloween, the English name “Hallow” is derived from the Middle English “halween”, which is very close to the etymology of “holy”. In some areas of Scotland and Canada, All Saints’ Day is still called “Allhallowmas”, meaning It is the Mass to be held on the day to commemorate All Hallows.

Europe traditionally believes that Halloween is the time when the supernatural world is closest to the human world. This legend is similar to the Zhongyuan Festival and the Yulan Festival in East Asia. Anoka, Minnesota, USA, is known as the “Halloween Capital of the World”, and a large parade is held at this time every year.

Defaico Furniture Wish You a Happy Halloween!

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