Notes on Rising Prices of Raw Materials in the Furniture Industry

09 Nov , 2021

Recently, the reporter visited Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, where home furnishing companies are concentrated, and found that many companies in the fields of whole-house customization, furniture, flooring, etc. have increased prices to varying degrees due to cost-driven factors.

It is reported that since 2020, the prices of furniture raw materials such as cartons, paint, wood, hardware, sponge, and leather have increased frequently, ranging from 25% to 30%. This makes local home furnishing companies face the dilemma of profit compression.

It is understood that the price increase in the entire chain of the home furnishing industry is caused by the superposition of multiple factors, among which the scarcity of foreign raw materials and the increase in logistics costs caused by the new crown pneumonia epidemic are the main factors. Especially in the home furnishing industry where wood is the main raw material such as whole-house customization, furniture, and flooring, 60%-70% of wood is imported. Affected by the epidemic, overseas timber source bases have been suspended one after another, resulting in a shortage of supply.

Under such circumstances, the price of some Defaico Furniture products may also increase, but the price will definitely be within a reasonable range. However, don’t worry, our furniture products will still be delivered to you on time under the premise of guaranteed quality.

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