How to choose a comfortable dining chair

26 May , 2021

1. The height of the dining chair: When choosing a dining chair, the height is the first one, otherwise you will abuse yourself. The chair surface is too high, the feet cannot touch the ground, and it is still uncomfortable when eating; the chair surface is too short, it has to be enough for the table, and the dishes on the opposite side may not be eaten. According to national regulations, the height of a dining chair is generally 45cm, that is, the thigh and calf should be basically vertical after sitting down. According to different heights, try it when you buy, but you must take into account the different heights of family members, choose the middle or simply buy each one.

2. The back of the dining chair: A chair with a straight backrest is always hard to sit up. There is a slight angle, 2°-3° is appropriate, and the happiness index of sitting will immediately go up.

3. Types of dining chair: Single chair is the most common style of dining chair. It is refreshing and neat. If you are more conservative, just buy it with the table as a set, saving worry and effort. An armchair that can “handle up” is also really comfortable. There must be an armchair for the elderly at home, so that the elderly can support it when they get up after eating. If the table and armchair are not purchased at the same place, be sure to measure the height to ensure that the chair can be tucked under the table, and don’t waste space.

4. The seat depth of the dining chair: When buying these pits of the sofa, Mr. Bee said that the depth is an important factor that directly determines the comfort of the seat. If it is too deep, the calf is easy to get stuck. If it is too shallow, the body area is too small and the comfort is poor. Think about the chairs with small diameters when you go to school, they are probably only able to sit.

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