The office project in Miami

26 May , 2021

These office furniture is mainly used in a company leisure area. They bought the leather armchair, vintage bar chair, leather ottoman, side table, etc.

Picture 1:

There are our leisure chair, side table and ottoman, the genuine leisure chair can match the charcoal stone side table well, the charcoal stone is very durable than other normal stone.

The square leather ottoman color is our hot sale brown color, it’s stainless steel base is dark gray.

Picture 2:

This is a leisure center area. The leather leisure chair and small coffee table for people to coffee break, the leather armchair leather is our retro genuine leather and the frame is stainless steel too. The small coffee table legs is the wood, which matched the charcoal stone well.

There are our popular bar chair and full genuine leather sofa not far away.

Picture 3:

This is the bar area, the ebony color genuine leather bar seat matched the gold stainless steel bar frame make the bar chair looks unique. The bar chair height can matched the bar table perfectly.

Picture 4:

It’s a nearly view to see our full real retro leather sofa, the leather sofa pull button exquisite craftsmanship and the retro brown color makes this area very relaxing.

The leisure chair and small coffee table matched the leather sofa constitute the good negotiation rest area.

Picture 5:

This area shows many of our other furniture items. The wood dining table, the leather and wood dining chair, the saddle leather lounge chair, the leisure chair, etc. The dining table base design with unique cast iron, the table top is original wood design; The dining chair frame with horn design, the dining chair seat is popular brown color; The dining table and the dining chair attract people to enter visit more.

The saddle leather lounge chair with the thickest leather, It’s very durable. The lounge chair matched our small genuine leather ottoman well; Not far away, there are has our dark brown color leisure chair, It’s frame is solid fraxinus mandshurica wood.

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