Quality selection

18 May , 2021

Quality selection

The important point when choosing a dining table and chair is to look at the quality. On the one hand, the quality is reflected in the ergonomics in the design. It is better to try to sit on the dining chair and feel comfortable, and the arms can be placed on the table naturally. Then it depends on the firmness of tables and chairs, especially dining chairs because they are frequently used. Pay attention to the materials and splicing methods of the chairs when purchasing. Generally speaking, the traditional tenon and tenon structure is relatively firm. Furthermore, dining chairs made of wood such as elm and beech are relatively strong. In addition to testing whether the chair is shaking or not, it can also be judged by inspecting the legs of the chair for scar knots and crack repair marks. The legs and braces of the dining chair should not be made of materials with scar knots and cracks. Otherwise it will seriously affect the service life.

Type selection

The dining table has a variety of styles such as fixed, mobile, and folding, and the home dining table may be square or round. A foldable square-circle steel-wood mobile dining table sold in the market has always been very popular, because it is suitable for the needs of dining tables in a variety of space environments. The size and volume of the dining table style must be determined by the size of its living room. For example, if you have a wide independent dining room, you can choose a large, elegant and luxurious dining table with luxurious layout to host a feast to receive guests; If it is a small unit, a small dining table is more suitable, otherwise it will only occupy the premises and waste space; some folding dining tables are most suitable. This is because it can maintain a small size at ordinary times and will not obstruct the premises. When there are friends and relatives visiting, it can be expanded to reduce the volume of the dining table, 10 points are practical.

Style selection

The dining table should choose a style corresponding to the style of room decoration. If the living room is luxurious, you should choose the classical European style; if the living room is simple, you can choose the modern minimalist style with glass countertops. The shape of the dining table has a certain influence on the atmosphere of the home. Generally speaking, a round table or a square table is used when the family population is small; an oval or rectangular table is used when the population is large; as for an irregular table, it is more suitable for two people in a small space.

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