New Year’s Day Celebration

28 Dec , 2021

January 1-New Year’s Day is the beginning of the celebration of the New Year. It can be said that celebrating New Year’s Day is the custom of all countries and regions in the world. my country and most countries and regions in the world adopt the Gregorian calendar chronology, and January 1 is designated as the beginning of the new year, which is called “New Year’s Day.” New Year’s Day is a reduced version of the Spring Festival, so it has traditional methods of celebration: such as setting off firecrackers, killing three lives, worshiping ghosts and gods, and worshiping ancestors.

New Year’s Day celebrations: Activities organized by groups are now more common, such as a New Year’s Day party, hanging slogans to celebrate New Year’s Day, or holding group activities. In the past, there were organizations that beat gongs and drums, and collectively dance national dances. They were on TV documentaries. It can also be seen that today with the development of science and technology, it has evolved into a gala. In recent years, there have been tours, parties and other programs. Anyway, there is not much tradition on New Year’s Day. During this holiday, you can play whatever you want.

The traditional Chinese way of celebration lies in the folks, especially in rural areas. Every New Year’s Day, every household will set off firecrackers, slaughter chickens and geese, and after worshipping the gods of all parties, it is a family reunion and dinner together. The New Year’s Day holiday ended successfully.

Defaico Furniture wish you a happy New Year!

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