Happy Thanksgiving to Customer&Friends

25 Nov , 2021

Thanksgiving is a traditional holiday in the West. In the United States, people have many different celebrations. So how is Thanksgiving in the United States celebrated?

Eat turkey

Thanksgiving food is very traditional. Every Thanksgiving, Americans and Canadians must have fat and tender turkey to eat. Turkey is the traditional main course of Thanksgiving. After Europeans immigrated to the Americas, they felt that the appearance of turkeys was very similar to the Turkish “black head and red” costumes, so they called them “Turkey” (Turkey). In 1947, when President Truman was in office, a ceremony was added for the president to release turkeys. In fact, this traditional ceremony can be traced back to the time of President Lincoln. One day in 1863, Lincoln’s son Ted suddenly broke into the cabinet chamber and asked for the pardon of a pet turkey named Jack. Later, this episode gradually became the custom of releasing turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

Family dinner, reunion moment

For many Americans, Thanksgiving Day is a rare time for all family members to gather together. This holiday is a time for family reunion. Thanksgiving is usually one of the busiest times for Americans to travel throughout the year.

Defaico Furniture wishes all customers and foreign friends a Happy Thanksgiving!

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