Defaico Vintage Leather Furniture For Restaurant Engineering in India

03 Mar , 2022

This is a luxurious restaurant project, the furniture used are all vintage leather furniture, the original client opened a small restaurant, and now he is going to expand the business, so you can see that the space of this restaurant is very large, with High-grade decoration, yellowish lighting, retro furniture, and nostalgic overall style make people fall in love with this place as soon as they enter. Among them, the retro leather dining chairs in this restaurant are from our factory. After the customer contacted us, our business manager recommended several suitable products to the customer after understanding the customer’s detailed needs, and replied at the same time. After a series of comparisons and considerations, the customer finally chose us.

After receiving the furniture, the customer gave a high evaluation to our furniture, saying that the quality is very good, which meets his requirements, and also fits the style of his restaurant. He said that if such furniture is needed in the future, he will consider purchasing from us. We are also looking forward to our next cooperation with him.


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