Defaico Aviation Office Case in Canada

18 May , 2021

Time: April,2019

Country: Canada

Products: Office furniture series, such as office desk, chair,shelf,sofa and tables.

In August 2018, we received an enquiry from a customer for the first time. The customer’s company is engaged in the business of aircraft parts, so they want to add furniture and decorations with aircraft elements to the office. Our aviator series perfectly fit the customer’s ideas.

At first, we recommended many products of our aviation series to customers according to their requirements,like aviation chairs, leather lounge chair, egg chair, swan chair and vintage leather tables/trunks, and they’re very satisfied.After their office was built, we quickly confirmed the order.

The final decoration renderings are as follows.

Picture one: Aviation flying office desk, vintage leather executive chair, swan chair and industrial metal shelf.

Picture two: Vintage real cow leather sofa set, with vintage leather trunk table and small aluminum side table:

Picture three: Spitfire aluminum covered wine cabinet and round aviation mirror decor

These uniquely designed aviation furniture not only give customers a unique and comfortable office environment, but also better maintain and promote the customer’s corporate image.

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